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Performance testing: load testing, stress-testing, stability testing, volume testing. Test how your project performs under load!

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Each owner of a successful network resource sooner or later faces the necessity of studying the behaviour of the project under the stress of high loads. We especially recommend to use our load testing service in two particular cases:

  1. During the launch of a new project. You may suffer significant financial and reputational losses in case your extensively promoted project's website isn't able to handle the influx of a large number of concurrent visitors even if no DDoS attacks are in progress. Remember that first impressions are usually the most lasting!
  2. When the robustness of currently functioning web infrastructure needs to be evaluated due to rising requirements to its accessibility - you need to know what performance reserves your infrastructure has according to the planned activity. For example, this procedure is crucial during the phase of extensive advertisement and promotion of your website as the reslut of which the number of your visitors may increase multiple times. Besides that, in case of a DDoS attack, despite near 100% filtering of malicious traffic by the Qrator network, there is a statistical probability of a negligible percentage of such traffic passing through the network to your resource. If the attack accumulates hundreds of Gbps of total bandwidth, even this small percentage of malicious traffic may seriously affect the web inftrastructure's performance in case it doesn't have any operating reserves.

By using Qrator Labs load testing service you will receive answers for the following important questions:

  • how the network infrastructure will behave facing the real loads;
  • what will happen if the website content size experiences serious changes;
  • how well your website will operate at the moments of extremely high activity;
  • how large the minimal DDoS attack bandwidth is to cause significant impact on the website's performance;
  • and, most important, what to do to optimize your web infrastructure best.

By terms of our load testing service we:

  • conduct the testing of your network infrastructure;
  • model the situation with various amounts of active concurrent users and find out the critical values;
  • evaluate the robustness of server or web applications;
  • sort out a strategy for scaling your infrastructure further;
  • suggest recommendations for disposing of problem-causing spots in your project's operation.
Конфигурация панели realtime-мониторинга
Конфигурация панели realtime-мониторинга
Конфигурация панели realtime-мониторинга
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